Home of the Pewsey Mummers who perform a traditional Christmas play in Pewsey and surrounding area.

Mumming goes back to medieval times and was performed by the farm workers around the Christmas and New Year period. The timing varies from region to region as does the content of the play, but it has a general theme of a sword fight and a doctor who brings the slain soldier back to life.

St George and the Turkish Knight have a fight, its doesn’t end well for one of them.


Enters the Knights mother who pays the doctor to cure him, then we end with a jolly tune or two!

Mumming was a way of raising money and the play was taken round the big houses. We do not pocket the money like the early mummers, we collect for charity. This year, our first year, we collected £288.17 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance thanks to the generosity of our audiences at the St John Medieval Fayre, the Crown folk night the Coopers, Moonrakers, Royal Oak and the Crown.